TAMBA100 Adventure Trail 2023


About『TAMBA100 Adventure Trail 2023』 ※update 2023/3/22

We are currently preparing for the TAMBA100 Adventure Trail 2023 to be held June 2-4, 2023.
Information will be posted here on our website as soon as it is finalized.

The following is a rough schedule for the future.
【Year 2023】
Late January::Race outline released & judging applications begin
Late Feb:Course open to the public
4/29:Judging applications close & announcement of judging results
4/30:Entry (payment) deadline & competitors confirmed

Judging Form 2023/4/29 Judging applications close

Participation in this competition is by screening. If you wish to participate, please apply using this form. The results of the judging will be notified at a later date.

  • Priority entrants must also apply using this form.
  • Invited players should apply using a separate form.
Applications for 30K are now open.

The 30K is not a judged event.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Google form below with your details and then purchase entry tickets at a later date. We will notify you of this in the email you provide on the form when tickets are available.

Competition rules are now available

Notice to Participants

All participants are required to download (1) the Pledge, (2) the Medical Questionnaire, and (3) the Temperature Chart from the website, fill them out, and submit them at the registration desk on the day of the event.

Ryota Nakatani, organizer of the event, has released “Thoughts of the organizer on the event”.


  • RACE NAME  TAMBA100 Adventure Trail 2023
  • DATES  Friday, June 2, 2023 – Sunday, June 4, 2023 (3 days)
    • 【100mile】170km(D+16300m)
    • 【100K】103km(D+9500m)
    • 【30K】34km(D+3100m)
  • VENUE  Tamba City, Hyogo
  • ORGANIZER  The TAMBA100 Adventure Trail Race Committee
Race Start6/2 7:006/2 19:006/4 7:00
Race time56 hours44 hours8 hours
Event Feebring your own ibuki:30000JPY+tax
No bring your own ibuki:35000JPY+tax
bring your own ibuki:20000JPY+tax
No bring your own ibuki:25000JPY+tax
bring your own ibuki:9000JPY+tax
No bring your own ibuki:13000JPY+tax



6/1 (Thursday)

  • 13:00~17:00 Registration for the day before (for both 100mile and 100K)
  • 17:00〜19:00 Ceremony and Talk Show

6/2 (Fri.)

  • 6:00〜7:00 100mile Registration on the day of the race
  • 7:00 100mile Race Start


6/1 (Thursday)

  • 13:00~17:00 Registration for the day before (for both 100mile and 100K)
  • 17:00〜19:00 Ceremony and Talk Show

6/2 (Fri.)

  • 15:00〜19:00 100K Registration on the day of the race
  • 19:00 100K Race Start


6/3 (Sat.)

  • 13:00〜17:00 30K Registration the day before

6/4 (Sun)

  • 4:00〜6:00 30K race day registration
  • 7:00 30K Race Start