Thoughts of the organizer on the tournament.

Thoughts of the organizer on the tournament.

The “TAMBA100 Adventure Trail” really started from a place with no track record or authority.
Having already participated in trail running races all over the country, I learned that “Tamba can be proud of being the best in the world”.
However, the reality is that trail running itself is largely unknown to the general public.
Therefore, I started by explaining the competitions one by one, while doing my best to increase awareness of the competition by accumulating achievements as a competitor myself.
“It’s dangerous to run in the mountains. What will you do if you get hurt?”
“If you run in the city with a large number of people, it will be a nuisance to the neighborhood, so please stop.”
“Running at night is a suspicious person. Please do that somewhere else.”
It’s been more than 5 years since I’ve been facing this kind of voice.

The most popular race in the world among competitors, and many people challenge the “100 miles” (160km to 175km), a race that many people risk their lives for. I have been walking while facing each negative voice.
And November 2021. Little by little, that thought was passed on to the community and runners, and we were able to hold the first “TAMBA100 Adventure Trail.”
The NHK coverage team picked up on this passion, and it was aired on the NHK BS broadcast “Great Race” “Ferocious! Satoyama ga Toga Tamba Adventure Trail”.

Thanks to that, my understanding of the region has become very strong.

However, the reality is that we still do not fully understand it, and we are deeply reflecting on the fact that the 2021 tournament placed an excessive burden on the volunteer staff and that the system for accepting athletes was not perfect. increase.

In order to improve them, the 2022 tournament will be postponed, and in 2023 the region and staff will work together to welcome the players. I hope that more people from all over the world will come to this place and feel the goodness and warmth of this place and the greatness of nature. And I want you to come visit this place again.
With that in mind, I am working hard every day to prepare for the tournament.

For more than five years, I have held on to the idea of “making Tamba the best in the world” without wavering. .
I think that there will be many rough seas and difficulties in the future, but I will continue to hold on to my passion and put my heart and soul into creating this tournament.

Based on these, I hope that athletes who want to challenge the harshest mountains in the world will acquire knowledge and experience and take on the challenge.

Also, to build up the competition, it can’t be done without the cooperation of many people in the area and the cooperation of the staff.
There are a lot of things that anyone can do as a volunteer staff, so I would appreciate it if as many people as possible would cooperate.

And please help us to create “the best in the world” together.

TAMBA100 Adventure Trail Executive Committee Executive Committee Chairman Ryota Nakatani